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Santa Barbara based Destination Wedding Photographer Willa Kveta takes a photojournalist’s approach to capturing moments as they happen, and a portrait photographer’s approach to capturing beauty as it unfolds before her lens.

Whether it’s noticing a subtle grin that others miss, capturing a fleeting image of gentle love, or merely stilling an unforgettable instant, she never misses an opportunity…. and the value is priceless.

“Willa is such a fun, yet relaxed and down to earth person!
She’s incredibly talented and we were lucky to find her.” -Jenna (bride).

Willa’s passion for photographing weddings began years ago and she has been documenting this important day in her client’s lives ever since with effervescent enthusiasm and extraordinary talent. The results speak for themselves as you will see while viewing her images.

Willa also loves to photograph little ones and families. Because Willa Kveta is a mother herself, she knows the importance of family and capturing those milestones and heartfelt moments throughout her client’s lives. Willa becomes a part of the families that she photographs, and travels with them on their journey, offering breathtaking fine art portraiture along the way. Willa Kveta’s artistry is sought after worldwide.

My photographic style begins behind the lens and is completed in the digital darkroom where my creative and artistic sides blend with my technical abilities to create your dream images. My artistry is about capturing the true beauty of my clients and meaningful moments as they happen. My work is defined by my artistic nature and unique way of seeing the world. I feel blessed to play a part in capturing and documenting tales of love.

I love life to the fullest and I am blessed every day by the people in my life and so lucky to live in this beautiful place! I’m a nature girl – I grew up on Whidbey Island near Seattle and went to Waldorf School as a child. After high school, I spent almost 3 years traveling in Central and South America – working, documenting my surrounds, and learning Spanish. I love the tropics and Hawaii or Costa Rica could easily be my home, but I’m settled and very happy in Santa Barbara with the two loves of my life – my twin daughters who are almost 7 years old.

“Her imagery arrests life at truly golden moments that will evoke tears of joy for generations.” -Colleague


Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Willa Kveta Photography

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