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Bachelor Wedding – Santa Barbara Four Seasons

It’s always exciting when ‘celebrities’ do their thing in our little town and this weekend is extra fun because the Bachelor Wedding for Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici is happening here in Santa Barbara at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel – a venue that I frequently shoot weddings at! I’m excited to see the actual televised wedding since I’ll recognize everything! Anyway, as I’m sure you can imagine, they are already well into their setup and the Four Seasons Biltmore Miró Lawn has transformed into a magical scenery fit for television.

Last night I decided to check it out, so I took a walk through the side entrance and snuck my way around the back pathways that lead to the Miró Lawn and eventually found myself standing in front of what will be the main entrance to the ceremony site. It’s decked out with chandelier lanterns and they build a winding pathway through the lawn that will lead the guests to their seating. The stage area where Catherine and Sean will say their vows has been built into a little cabana-looking-structure with billowing drapes around four posts. Everything is lit up for a beautiful night scene with two ginormous cranes on either side of the lawn that extend well past the rooftops, equipped with TV lights to light the entire scene below. When I arrived, they were filming the area with a Quadcopter Drone from above.

I only had a few short moments to take it all in before a was approached by security. I chatted him up for a bit, distracting him from the obvious (of asking me to leave) but eventually he got his question in – “are you a guest here or part of the wedding?” at which point, I had no choice but to concede. I walked back, following the perimeter pathway around the entire hotel and eventually made it to the lobby, where I met eyes with the Bachelor Sean himself, who was talking with a couple near the entrance. I’m not one to go up to ‘celebrities’ as I feel it’s important to respect people’s space, but it was kinda fun to see him in person. He was wearing an orange t-shirt and looked exactly the same as he did on the show, very smiley and cute. I went to the bathroom to stall for a minute and then headed back to the bar, where he was now hanging out with some of his buddies. I was standing right next to his group as they were joking and laughing and truly enjoying themselves. There was part of me that wanted to chat it up with him and ‘be that girl’ that goshes over the hot bachelor, more for a photo op than anything else, but I just couldn’t do it. I would have felt like an impostor, because that’s just not me and again I didn’t want to bug him.

I didn’t have enough time to snap a shot of the ceremony site head-on before the security guard came up, but I did manage to take a few cell phone snaps from some of the side angels as I walked back to the lobby.


Bachelor Wedding Setup

Post Wedding – Monday,January 27th 2014 Update from Us Weekly Magazine: Catherine is such a cutie pie!

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