Wildflower Wedding and Elopement Weddings

This gorgeous wildflowers wedding was one for the books!  This incredible couple got married in a remote spot in Santa Barbara County with their closest family and friends, a wildflower explosion, a starry night sky, and 100% surrounded by nature!  Not your typical wedding and not your typical couple!  These two are avid outdoor adventurers, not afraid to get their toes wet or their clothes dirty!  When I suggested they lay down on the red earth with purple wildflowers all around them, they didn’t hesitate for a second!  I’m down with this kind of couple and this kind of wedding!  Not to say that the contrast of a perfectly styled luxury wedding isn’t just as incredible or fun to photograph, because believe me, all those carefully selected pretty details are always a photographer’s dream, but if you know me, you know I’m ‘Earthy’ and so this kind of wedding is right up my alley!  On any given day, you’ll likely find me barefoot, toes in the mud, digging in my garden (if I can steal away from my computer, even if just for a lunch break!) I really really like wildflowers too 🙂  If you’re an adventurous couple and want your wedding photos to be in gorgeous incredible locations out in nature, let’s chat!  I’m looking to expand my reach to include more couples who want to adventure to the most amazing locations around the globe for the intimate weddings, to capture your wedding day in photographs that tell your story as the adventurers that you are!  This wedding was not an Elopement Wedding, however, if you are planning on eloping in Santa Barbara or Costa Rica (two places I know very well) or anywhere else in the world, I want to talk to you!  I am deeply passionate about elopements and elopement weddings, and would love the opportunity to talk with you and help you plan the most magical incredible day of your lives! I want you to come away from your day with the fullest of hearts, memories that you’ll never forgot, feelings that will carry through your entire lifetimes together, tears of joy, so much excitement, overwhelming love, extreme happiness, AND with a set of photos that are not just a bunch of pretty pictures on a mountain top or secluded beach, or waterfall, or jungle, etc., but with images that capture the experience you had on your wedding day, which was totally off the charts EPIC, and photos so good that you can’t believe they are of the two of you!!!  Capturing your vibe, throughout your wedding day, even if it’s just the two of you….especially if it’s just the two of you!!! Here’s a link to this slideshow if you’r rather view it full screen.

Bride and Groom from above

bride and groom in a field of flowers

bride and groom in the wildflowers

entire wedding on the dance floor

dancing under the stars

bride and groom dance it up on a dirt dance floor

bride and groom first dance outdoor rustic wedding

wedding toast bridesmaid toast

wedding toasts outdoor rustic wedding

rustic outdoor wedding venue

rustic food wedding

wedding party fun

wedding day vibes with friends

American Gothic pitchfork photo

Santa Cruz Island Fox

rustic table setup

bride and groom with golden light

sweet family moment

bride and groom say their vows

outdoor wedding ceremony in a field

outdoor wedding ceremony

santa cruz island

love in an old car

bride in the jungle

sweet moment of bride and groom


Wedding day landscape

romanic candlelit bride and groom

Last dance of the wedding night

groom dancing with his grandmother

wedding party surrounding bride and groom on the dance floor


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