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National Puppy Day

Taking a break from real work, to write a fun post in honor of National Puppy Day, about our little Chloe and how she found her forever family.

National Puppy DayFor about two years, maybe more, my daughters have been obsessed with getting a dog.  They would ask me on a daily basis.  I didn’t even let the thought enter my brain until we moved into a house with a huge back yard and fenced in front yard.  Still, I didn’t really see how it would be logistically possible to add another member to our family.  It seemed like it would be a huge undertaking, especially with my work schedule and being out most weekends shooting weddings.  I also thought it would be so much extra work, like having another child.  That’s what everyone said!

But my girls were persistent, and slowly, the idea started to feel less scary and more exciting.  Ever since my daughters were babies, we would often frequent the animal shelters to visit and love on the animals – cats, bunnies, dogs, etc. but never consider adopting one.  One day, we were driving past the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter and we decided to make a quick stop.  It was completely unplanned and completely spontaneous.  We visited the cats first, then headed over the the bunny and dog side.  As soon as we walked through the door, we saw her and my daughters fell hard at first glance.  “Goldie”, who we renamed Chloe, ran right up to the fence and started licking and excitedly playing with my girls.  They all just loved each other from the start.  And of course, my girls were begging me, to adopt her!  I don’t know what it was about this day, versus all of the other days that we had gone to visit the animals, but this dog really made an impact, and I decided to inquire about the adoption process.  They told me that if we were even a little bit interested, we should fill out an application right then, because they end up giving the dog to the first application 9 times out of 10.  So we decided to fill out the papers.  And two days later, we were bringing home our baby!

She is a Deer Head Chihuahua mix, and was guessed to be about 1 year old when they found her wandering the streets in Santa Barbara.  We happened to come into the shelter the first day she was available for adoption, and when we picked her up, they told us that three other people had put in applications to adopt her!

And the best part is – Chloe is AMAZING!  She’s such a lover, such an easy addition to our family.  She listens well, plays nicely with other dogs, and is so much fun to have in our family!  Best spontaneous decision ever!


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