Santa Barbara Photographer – Macro Photos of My Garden

I hope you enjoy these Macro Photos of My Garden!  This year something came over me and I decided to buy a few seeds at the garden store. I’ve never had much interest in gardening, but I’ve always wanted to be able to just go outside and pick veggies for a salad, etc. My girls were very excited about it and helped plant everything, which made it more exciting for me – seeing them so happy. As my little seeds sprouted, then started growing into plants, I started becoming more and more ‘obsessed’ with my little garden. Over the last two months, it’s become my little place of peace. I absolutely love it! When I need a break from editing, I go outside and hang out in it and it’s like a meditation for me. I never thought I’d be such a gardener …I guess as I get older, I’m becoming more and more like my mom after all! …At least in this way

macro blue flower ready to bloom

macro pink flowers

climbing vine clematis plant

tomatos are growing

little mini garden

green beans fresh from the garden

baby cucumber

my little garden

herbs and pepper flowers


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