Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer’s – Child Portraits

Innocent Beauty ~ Child Portraiture ~ Santa Barbara Photographer: Willa Kveta’s Daughters

Willa Kveta Wedding Photographer Child Portraits

Wedding Photographer Child Portrait

Wedding Photographer Childrens Portraits

Willa Kveta Wedding Photography Child Portraits

Santa Barbara Children's Portraits hands

Wedding Photographer Santa Barbara Children's Portraits

Wedding Photographer Child Portraiture

Wedding Photographer Portraiture

Wedding Photography Portraiture of Children

One night, my daughters wanted to play dress up and curl their hair, which is normally straight and usually quite messy since it’s fine.  It seems impossible to keep it looking brushed!  We got all into it and then, since I already had some lighting set up for another shoot, we decided to play around and take some fun pictures.  I was intrigued by their solum expressions and wanted to play off of this look.  Normally, I can’t get them to stop giggling and laughing in front of the camera (which I love), but this night they were totally into this look.  I had recently edited a bridal shoot that had a similar solum look, and of course they see all of the images I’m working on, so I think they may have been a bit influenced by that other shoot.  I love these pictures.  I’m sure some people will criticize me for them, as I know they have an intensity to them, but for me as a Photographer and especially as a mother, these images are Fine Art to me and I like how their gazes seem to pierce the screen.  These are my daughters, children of a Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer, so they seem quite fitting.

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