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Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer’s Video – surpassed the 1,000,000 views mark on YouTube!

Sometimes I don’t think of myself as a Photographer…in my everyday life, but then my friends remind me that I have taken more photographs of their children then they have, that I am the one documenting the moments, even if it is only with my iPhone, and I am the one posting pictures and videos to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.  As a Wedding Photographer and Photographer/mom in this amazing city of Santa Barbara, I see life in pictures and videos.  It’s not only my job but my love and passion.  I get excited about photos and photography and so this is kind of exciting news for me…that my YouTube video has surpassed 1,000,000 likes!

Anyway, two years ago, I posted a video that I made from various clips I joined together of my 3 year old twin daughters swimming underwater on YouTube so that I could show it to my family and friends.  It never even crossed my mind that more people would see it.  All of a sudden however, it started getting hundreds of views per day and I was receiving tons of commends and subcribers on YouTube.  It definitely didn’t go viral over night and really, compared to many videos out there, it’s ‘likes’ count shadows in comparison, however, I’m pretty surprised to see that it has been viewed over 1 million times…1,000,000 views +!!!  What?!?!  That’s crazy to me!

I Titled the video UnderWater Dancing because to me, their movements under the water looked like dancing.  This video shows them in their most adored element – under water.  My girls LOVE swimming!  They are 5 years old now and to this day, want to swim every day.  They are truly fish, little mermaids under water.  They can swim better than I can in the ocean and stay in the pool for hours on end!  My favorite little parts of this video are watching them dive down, kick their feel in unison as if they are mermaids, their smiles as they swim towards me, and their free dancing/jumping/turns under the water.  I cherish this video not because of how many likes it has received on YouTube, but because it truly represents my daughter’s undeniable love of the water and of swimming, and that to me as their mom, means everything.

Here is the link to view this video:

Wedding Photographer UnderWater DancingWilla Kveta Photography 

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